Municipal Law and Subdivisions

Advising Local Government Entities And Those Dealing With Them

Whether it is the condition of a local street, the actions of local police, municipal code enforcement or zoning officers, the status of water or sewer systems, an existing or proposed subdivision, zoning matters, or a variety of other activities, local municipal governments impact the lives and activities of individuals and companies on a daily basis.

Few people understand how to deal with their local municipal government regarding what services it provides, how to contact the appropriate officer or employee, what documents may be required and how to properly prepare them, and what municipal regulations affect them.

Attorneys at Caldwell & Kearns have collective municipal experience of over 100 years in dealing with all areas of municipal law and have provided municipal representation at the county, 1st and 2nd class township, and borough levels. Representation has also been provided to Commonwealth entities such as sewer and water authorities, as well as to specialized boards or commissions such as code enforcement hearing boards, zoning hearing boards and civil service commissions.

Our attorneys have also represented individuals or entities before governing bodies and their various boards and commissions, and have litigated municipal matters before the Courts of Common Pleas, the Commonwealth Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Caldwell & Kearns provides municipal related services including:

  • State and municipal bidding practices, contracts, and procurement
  • Municipal employment – employer and employee
  • Ordinance drafting, interpretation, and enforcement
  • Minicipal taxation, assessment appeals and exemption
  • Flood plain requirements
  • Inspection licenses
  • Police civil service
  • Property maintenance
  • Water systems
  • Sewers
  • Solid waste
  • Storm water management
  • Streets and sidewalks
  • Subdivisions and land development
  • Vehicles and traffic
  • Uniform construction codes
  • Trees
  • Zoning

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