Commercial Real Estate

Providing Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Representation

Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., provides sophisticated legal guidance for all parties in the commercial real estate community. Our Harrisburg PA attorneys serve developers, builders, buyers, property owners and tenants.

We believe that the role of an attorney is critical in shepherding projects to a smooth conclusion and helping clients avoid legal entanglements. We protect our clients through due diligence, skilled negotiations, and careful drafting and review of real estate contracts. Call us at 717-232-7661 to arrange a consultation.

Development • Transactions • Leasing • Litigation

Commercial real estate is a core strength of Caldwell & Kearns, P.C. Our attorneys know the market in Dauphin County and the greater Harrisburg area, Cumberland County, York County, Perry County and all of Central Pennsylvania, and we are familiar with the regulatory bodies, financing issues and contract parlance in property development and transactions. Our experience covers the spectrum in commercial property matters, including:

The Big Picture … And The Fine Print

Our lawyers are adept at anticipating potential barriers to the deal and protecting client interests after the fact. We advise clients on which professionals need to be involved and address contingency planning in the event the transaction falls through.

For hands-on service by proven commercial real estate lawyers, contact our Harrisburg office today to discuss your plans or legal problems.

Condominiums & Planned Communities

Skilled Assistance For Condominium Development Issues

The real estate lawyers of Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., are conversant with the unique laws and legal issues specific to developing condominiums, town home complexes and other planned communities.

We provide developers with comprehensive turnkey counsel in land use, transactions and construction, regulatory compliance and drafting association and other necessary documents. We also represent condo and homeowners association, or individual buyers or unit owners, in transactions and disputes.

With offices in Harrisburg and Hummelstown, Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., serves clients in Dauphin County and the surrounding counties of Pennsylvania and statewide. Call us at 717-232-7661.

Planned Communities And Condominium Development

Our knowledgeable attorneys steer developers through the entire process, including hearings, appeals and regulatory compliance matters:

  • Land acquisition
  • Identifying convertible and nonconvertible property
  • Presenting subdivisions and land development plans to local government bodies
  • Special zoning or permitting issues
  • Construction contracts and agreements
  • Negotiation of financing or drafting of public offerings
  • Declarations, bylaws, meetings and elections
  • Conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Construction or development litigation

Homeowner Association (HOA) Law

We represent the developer, association, seller or buyer in transactions to purchase a townhouse or condo unit, from negotiating the purchase agreement to providing title insurance, escrow and closing services. The protection of an attorney who understands condominium and planned community law is important throughout the process.

We also represent the HOA or unit owners in CC&Rs disputes over assessments, rule violations or use of property, and amendments to the association bylaws.

For seasoned representation in condominium development and planned community law, contact our Harrisburg office today.

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Land Use and Development

Handling Your Real Estate Development Issues Correctly

The law firm of Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., helps shepherd your commercial or residential project through the land use and zoning approvals necessary for the venture to move forward. We help clients come to the planning and permitting process armed with a detailed plan and answers to the anticipated objections.

We represent developers, business owners and homeowners in Harrisburg and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania. Contact us today at 717-232-7661 to arrange a consultation.

Land Use, Planning And Zoning

Our experienced real estate development attorneys are familiar with local ordinances and the governmental entities in Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Perry County, York County and throughout Central Pennsylvania. They can address every aspect of the process, including:

  • Obtaining required state and local permits
  • Rezoning, variances or conditional use permits
  • Preparing and submitting subdivision plans and land developments
  • Negotiating and drafting construction contracts
  • Coordinating other professionals (engineers, architects) to meet your timelines
  • Requesting extensions of board-imposed deadlines
  • Representation at board hearings and appeals

Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., is known throughout the region for our focused knowledge in real estate development. We aid developers in commercial, residential and mixed use projects, including significant experience in planned communities and condominiums. We represent businesses seeking to build, expand or relocate operations. And we help homeowners with approvals for additions or other improvements.

Knowing The Political Lay Of The Land

Local politics sometimes trumps economic development or owners’ rights to use their property. Our real estate and development lawyers are active in their communities and cultivate professional relationships with municipal officials, local government employees and other “movers and shakers” who may oppose or support a given project. Because we also represent several zoning boards and planning commissions, we understand both sides of the issue. These insights often save our clients significant time and upfront expense — amending plans proactively for quicker approval.

Our success in real estate development is built on decades of experience, cultivating relationships and identifying obstacles early in the process. Contact our Harrisburg law office to schedule an appointment.

Real Estate Litigation

Effective Resolution Of Real Estate Disputes

The attorneys of Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., provide sophisticated solutions and formidable representation in real estate litigation and dispute resolution. Based in Harrisburg, we handle residential or commercial property matters in Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Lancaster and Perry counties, and statewide throughout Pennsylvania.

Broker and agent representation
Perhaps no other law firm in Pennsylvania can match our experience in real estate broker and agent litigation. We handle cases statewide, including:

Our decades of experience in real estate law and civil litigation enable us to bring or defend action on any side of disputes. We have represented buyers, sellers, developers, owners, builders, landlords, tenants, homeowners association, lenders, real estate professionals and local government bodies. Call us today at 717-232-7661.

Our cases in real estate litigation run the gamut from simple contract disputes to complex litigation over major development projects, including:

We are experienced in representing landowners in eminent domain proceedings. While it is rarely fruitful to challenge the condemnation itself, we do step in to fight for our clients to receive just compensation (not necessarily the same as fair market value) when the government takes their property.

Effective, Cost-Efficient Resolution

We understand that prolonged disputes or full-fledged litigation can be disruptive and costly, particularly for pending real estate transactions or in-progress development. Our trial lawyers prepare for a courtroom fight, but we explore alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration and negotiation) to minimize legal expense and exposure to damages.

Contact recognized leaders in real estate litigation. You can reach us online or call our Harrisburg law office at 717-232-7661.

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Title Insurance

Capable Handling Of Residential And Commercial Title Insurance Matters

In today’s volatile market, it is more critical than ever to assure clear title when buying (or selling) property. A clouded title or lack of title insurance might expose your real estate to liens, judgments and other adverse matters.

The law firm of Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., offers protection and peace of mind through title insurance in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We serve individuals, businesses and developers in Harrisburg, Hershey, throughout Dauphin County and surrounding Central Pennsylvania. Arrange a consultation at 717-232-7661.

Full services for homebuyers
We can assist clients in the full process of buying a home: negotiation or review of the purchase agreement, arranging inspections, reviewing seller disclosures, providing title insurance and representing you at the closing.

Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., provides title protection through our own subsidiary, Residential-Commercial Abstract Inc. Policies are underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, one of the oldest and largest title insurers in the U.S.

Do We Need A Lawyer For This?

You certainly should have title insurance to protect your investment, and most lenders require it. You will need an attorney if there is a problem with the title — we will review the title search documents, as well as any other legal documents that affect settlement.

It does not cost any more to acquire title insurance through Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., than through a separate title company — and you have the added protection of an experienced attorney overseeing your settlement at no additional cost. Our experienced real estate lawyers examine the deed and other title records for any hint of trouble, including:

  • Liens against the property (e.g., mechanic’s lien filed by a builder)
  • Unpaid real estate taxes
  • Municipal claims
  • Judgments against the seller’s assets
  • Errors in legal descriptions of the property
  • Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) on use of the property, such as easements
  • Pending claims for quiet title/adverse possession
  • Outsale of portions of the property to others

We also handle title insurance and related work for undeveloped land transactions in advance of commercial projects, residential subdivision and planned unit or condominium developments.

Caldwell & Kearns, P.C., provides title protection through our own subsidiary, Residential-Commercial Abstract Inc., and currently maintains offices in Harrisburg and Hummelstown. Policies are underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, one of the oldest and largest title insurers in the U.S.

Title Search And Closings

Contact our law firm today to discuss your needs and our qualifications in real estate and title insurance. Call us at 717-232-7661.