Discover Unique Handcrafted Items at Nan Gunnett & Co Fine Craft Gallery

Discover Unique Handcrafted Items at Nan Gunnett & Co Fine Craft Gallery 

Breakfast often begins about 4 in the morning and is served in large portions in Round Rock. When this happens, locals and tourists alike begin forming lines to partake in a genuine Texas custom known as Round Rock Donuts. Since 1926, customers from all over the United States have been making the trip to our donut shop to sample our world-famous yellow (or are they orange?) doughnuts. Pay us a visit and get a taste of some Texas heritage while you’re here!

Since the year 1926, customers from all over the world have been flocking to the shop in order to sample the world-famous orange (or are they yellow?) donuts.

The original owner’s recipe for Round Rock Donuts is still used, and the treats continue to be manufactured with the same degree of attention to detail and dexterity as they were many years ago. The yeast-raised doughnut is derived from a dough that is similar to bread; its distinctive yellow color, which comes from the use of fresh eggs, immediately differentiates it from any other type of donut.

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This yeast donut, in contrast to donuts prepared with baking powder, cannot be produced on a machine; rather, it must be rolled, cut, fried, and iced by hand. The bakery still makes approximately 500 dozen of these well-known originals on days when they are particularly busy, just as they did in the past.

By the early 1940s, Moehring had reached the pinnacle of his creative invention, the world-famous Round Rock Doughnut, which distinguished his bakery from all others. At the same time that Moehring was tinkering with doughnut recipes, he and a colleague named Mrs. Louise Johnson invented the well-known Swedish rye bread that would later become another Lone Star Bakery staple.

In 1943, Louise Johnson’s sister, Selma Erlanson, purchased the Lone Star Bakery from its previous proprietor, Mr. Moehring, and thus became the second owner of the business. Roy Hester became the third owner of the bakery after purchasing it from Selma and Louise. Following Hester’s brief tenure there, the bakery was acquired by its previous owner, Moehring.

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