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Mediation likely in construction dispute with school district

When a dispute arises there are usually multiple ways that it can be addressed. This is generally true regardless of the root of the issue. While courtroom litigation may be the first thing that comes to mind, in many situations alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation may be a better option. A construction dispute in Pennsylvania appears to be headed in that direction.

If rail workers strike, mediation will likely be sought

While there are many situations in which mediation may be a good way to resolve a complaint, some make more sense than others. For example, employment disputes are often well served by the process. This is because unlike some disputes, the relationship between the employee and employer could continue on for some time after a resolution is reached. Accordingly it is in the best interest of all involved to amicably resolve issues. 

Mediation may be useful in many types of business disputes

Proper planning with the assistance of a lawyer can help business matters run more smoothly than they otherwise would. When business disputes do arise, there are a variety of approaches that might be taken to resolve them. Because it is in the best interest of many businesses to preserve relationships with the entity involved in a dispute, in many cases mediation is an effective resolution tool. The formal mediation process can help keep those involved in a business dispute, moving toward a solution. In addition, a neutral third party can help participants navigate difficult conversations.

Google agrees to mediate with Gmail users

Many individuals throughout the nation, including in the state of Pennsylvania, use the Gmail service, offered through Google, for email. In 2010, as a result of learning that Google was scanning the emails sent via Gmail for the purpose of determining how to target advertisements, multiple users of the email service filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the action was a violation of state and federal wiretap laws. Those complainants sought class-action status.

Commercial real estate dispute resolved via mediation

In many types of legal disputes that arise in the state of Pennsylvania there is more than one way to reach a resolution. While in some situations taking a case to trial may be best, other times an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation may be more effective. Recently a real estate matter in another state was resolved using this method.

Pennsylvania school board, administrator, agree to mediation

There are many different situations in which mediation may be helpful to the resolution of a dispute. One of those situations is where an employment matter is concerned. A Pennsylvania school district and an employee the district is seeking to demote recently agreed to try to reach a resolution via mediation.

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