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The benefits of resolving a dispute via mediation

Most people reading this post have probably heard the term “mediation”. Many however may be unclear about what exactly it is and how it might work for them. It may be used to resolve a variety of disputes ranging from those involving businesses to personal matters.

Judge orders mediation to sort out landlord-tenant dispute

Just as the circumstances surrounding every dispute vary, so too may the path to mediation. While there are situations in which the parties to a dispute decide to try the alternative dispute resolution on their own, other times it could be court ordered. This is the case regarding a dispute over commercial property located in another state.

Mediation likely in construction dispute with school district

When a dispute arises there are usually multiple ways that it can be addressed. This is generally true regardless of the root of the issue. While courtroom litigation may be the first thing that comes to mind, in many situations alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation may be a better option. A construction dispute in Pennsylvania appears to be headed in that direction.

Could mediation be right choice to resolve your dispute?

Though both can be a good way to resolve disputes of all types, it is likely that many individuals do not know what mediation or arbitration are. Though they are both methods of alternative dispute resolution, they are not the same thing. Whether one of the processes might be used to resolve an issue you have depends on your situation.

Online mediation slowly picking up speed

As technology advances, processes of all types are impacted. While technology has been embraced in many industries, there are some that are slower to take advantage of what is available. For example, Online Dispute Resolution is not utilized nearly as often as most would likely assume. When it is, mediation through this method is usually text-based. While there are some instances where it works, the lack of verbal or face to face interaction can pose some challenges.  

Google agrees to mediate with Gmail users

Many individuals throughout the nation, including in the state of Pennsylvania, use the Gmail service, offered through Google, for email. In 2010, as a result of learning that Google was scanning the emails sent via Gmail for the purpose of determining how to target advertisements, multiple users of the email service filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the action was a violation of state and federal wiretap laws. Those complainants sought class-action status.

Commercial real estate dispute resolved via mediation

In many types of legal disputes that arise in the state of Pennsylvania there is more than one way to reach a resolution. While in some situations taking a case to trial may be best, other times an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation may be more effective. Recently a real estate matter in another state was resolved using this method.

UPS and union fail to resolve labor agreement, move to mediation

Contracts are a major part of all business. While many of these contracts are for goods, others pertain to labor. Though at times is it possible for parties to quickly reach an agreement and move on forward, this is not always the case. When parties experience difficulty reaching an agreement it may translate into a loss of time, energy and money for all involved.

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