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October 2015 Archives

Governor Wolf, Republicans face impasse over budget shortfall, P.3

We’ve been looking in our last couple posts at the ongoing dispute between Governor Wolf and Republicans over the budget shortfall. Last time, we looked at the respective positions of Governor Wolf and Republican lawmakers, noting the lack of willingness to give up any ground.

Governor Wolf, Republicans face impasse over budget shortfall, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the ongoing budget impasse between House Republicans and Governor Wolf. In this and our next post, we’ll take a brief look at some of the issues at stake in the dispute, and how mediation could potentially help to address the differences in objectives.  

Governor Wolf, Republicans face impasse over budget shortfall

Pennsylvanians who pay attention to politics know that over the last several months, there has been gridlock in Congress over how to deal with a budget shortfall. One of the biggest issues in the budget impasse is how to deal with lack of funding to human services. One example of the effect of the shortfall is that agencies contracting with York County human services are not receiving any payments, though the problems are more widespread than just York County. According to some sources, these agencies are going to have to take out lines of credit, or possibly start cutting staff, to remain afloat.

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