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Could you benefit from divorce mediation?

Divorce can be a very challenging experience for couples, emotionally, financially, socially, and otherwise. Needless to say, couples don’t always go through the process with an aim to efficiently resolve disputes. To be sure, it is definitely important for parties to ensure their interests are represented in the divorce process, with respect to property, child custody, financial support, and so on.

In many divorce cases, though, the need to advocate for one’s interests can cause tensions to arise very easily and can lead to more court involvement and increased legal costs from working out disagreements in court. As a recent TIME Money article describes, couples even fight over things like how to work out custody of the family pet. 

Working out pet custody disagreements may not seem like the most important issue to some, but the issue can clearly be significant to some couples. In other cases, there may be disagreements, for example, about who should take the cabin, what holidays the kids will be spending with each parent, or whether a spouse should help financially support the other for a time after the divorce. These types of issues, of course, can all be handled directly in court, but in some cases it is both possible and desirable to come up with an agreement outside court.

As we like to point out on this blog, mediation can be a good way for couples to sort out their disagreements in a less adversarial fashion, and more couples do well to consider it. It isn’t for everybody, or necessarily for every dispute a couple may have in the divorce process. That being said, couples who feel they would rather resolve a dispute privately, at less cost and in a less adversarial way should definitely consider mediation a possibility.

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