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Divorce mediation can be beneficial, if the couple is right for it

As we’ve pointed out on this blog, while mediation can be used in a variety of contexts, it can be a particularly helpful process for those going through divorce. In previous posts, we’ve looked at some of the various mediation styles and how they can help couples work through the divorce process. Here, we wanted to echo some thoughts shared in a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette concerning the benefits of mediation in divorce.

Although it is possible to have something of an amicable divorce, the process is typically a hard thing for couples to deal with, and the reasons for this are obvious. This is especially the case when there are children involved, since couples have to continue to work together in raising their kids until they are considered adults. Although the adversarial approach to divorce has its place, many couples can benefit from meditation.

One of the reasons mediation can be so beneficial for couples is that it requires them to communicate about the terms of their divorce. To come to a mutual agreement, it is necessary to at least acknowledge where the other party is coming from in terms of their interests. Divorce litigation does not require this kind of communication, but relies instead on the law and the discretion of a judge to determine how things will turn out.

Meditation also allows couples to get creative in the way they work out their differences. They can do this because of the context of mediation and the unique way in which disputes are handled in mediation. Rather than relying on formulaic solutions, couples are encouraged to come up with what works for them. In addition, mediation can allow couples to save costs on their divorce, at least in many cases.  

Mediation is obviously not for every couple, though, and it is important for couples to realize when they may and may not be good candidates for the process. Furthermore, working with a skilled mediator is essential to experiencing the benefits of the mediation process. Couples who feel they may benefit from mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution should contact our firm to have their situation evaluated.

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