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The benefits of resolving a dispute via mediation

Most people reading this post have probably heard the term “mediation”. Many however may be unclear about what exactly it is and how it might work for them. It may be used to resolve a variety of disputes ranging from those involving businesses to personal matters.

One of the things that makes the process unique is that in the course of reconciling a conflict, it may be possible to maintain a relationship with the opposing party. Other benefits to using this approach for resolving a conflict include:

  • More control over the outcome.
  • Less risk.
  • Less expense financially.
  • A faster resolution.

These benefits could be appealing to many individuals and businesses that find that they are facing a conflict that they are unable to resolve on their own.

The process of mediation allows the parties involved to work together to reach an outcome. As the parties would not need mediation if they were able to accomplish this on their own, the groups work with an individual who is impartial. That individual is selected by both parties.

While mediation can be a good way to resolve a dispute it does not work for everyone. The beauty of the alternative dispute resolution method is that should it not work, the parties involved can move toward litigation to reach a conclusion.

Because there is potentially so much riding on the outcome of a dispute it is important that all parties involved are comfortable with the mediator they agree upon to help them work through the matter. Some lawyers are qualified to serve in this neutral role.

Source:, “Learn About Mediation,” Accessed July 21, 2014

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