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Judge orders mediation to sort out landlord-tenant dispute

Just as the circumstances surrounding every dispute vary, so too may the path to mediation. While there are situations in which the parties to a dispute decide to try the alternative dispute resolution on their own, other times it could be court ordered. This is the case regarding a dispute over commercial property located in another state.

Last month a judge in that state ordered that the landlord and tenant undergo mediation to resolve their issues. The land in question is a ski resort owned by a luxury real estate company that had been leased by a resort company. For the past two years the two entities have been involved in the dispute after the resort did not sign a lease renewal.

The order to mediate followed an eviction order as well as a stay of that order. Should the two parties be unable to reach an agreement regarding the lease, the resort company will need to leave the property. Doing that would likely be complicated as well since the tenant owns certain things associated with the property including waterrights, some of the lifts and the base.

The parties have until August 15 to resolve the dispute.

As is often the case in situations such as this the landlord and tenant are not the only ones that could be impacted by the way in which the matter is resolved. Those who reside in the ski resort area could be impacted financially as well if an agreement is not reached. Because of the nature of mediation it is possible that the parties involved will be able to reach a solution that is agreeable to all.

Source: Deseret News, “Two sides told to mediate dispute over Park City Mountain Resort,” Emilee Eagar, June 19, 2014

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