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Mediation likely in construction dispute with school district

When a dispute arises there are usually multiple ways that it can be addressed. This is generally true regardless of the root of the issue. While courtroom litigation may be the first thing that comes to mind, in many situations alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation may be a better option. A construction dispute in Pennsylvania appears to be headed in that direction.

The Robert Feaster Corporation was hired by the Line Mountain School Board to complete work on an addition on the district’s junior/senior high school. To cover the costs associated with that work, a contract worth $1,335,300 was approved by the school board in the spring of 2013. The contractor is now seeking approximately $260,000 it says that it is owed for the work it completed.

Specific issues that the school district claims are involved in the dispute include unfinished work, change orders and credits.

At this point, the contractor has not yet filed a lawsuit against the school district. The contract the two entities entered into provides the option for mediation should issues such as this one arise. A representative for the school district indicated he believes that the matter will be mediated.

When a dispute can be resolved via mediation rather than in the courtroom, both parties may benefit. In addition to taking less time than going to trial, it usually also costs must less. In situations where the parties are unable to reach an agreement via mediation, they still may pursue a resolution through litigation.

Source: The News Item, “Clarification on contract claim at Line Mountain,” June 27, 2014  

The News Item, “Contractor sues Line Mtn. for $260,000,” Sarah Desantis, June 25, 2014

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