Providing Legal Action To Secure Your Broker Commission

Commercial broker liens are powerful tools to secure payment of a promised commission in a commercial property transaction. But filing and perfecting these liens is procedurally complex — someone inexperienced with the requirements can easily lose your case in court. If the lien is perfected, there is still the matter of enforcing it.

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Commercial Broker Liens

There are specific statutory requirements regarding notice to owners, recording, filing and escrow. These must be strictly met to perfect the lien. Failure at any step, such as notifying owners in advance of the conveyance, can nullify your legal standing to file a lien and collect your commission.

We can evaluate whether a commercial broker lien is permissible and advisable for your particular situation. If it is, we work diligently to perfect and enforce the lien so that you are paid the commission you worked so hard to earn.

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