Directional Signs Revisited

Advertising: Directional Signs (Revisited)

James L. Goldsmith, Esq.

In August 2007, The Pennsylvania REALTOR® published my article that reviewed whether application of the State Real Estate Commission's rules on advertising required the broker's name and telephone to be placed on a directional sign. As you may recall, that answer depended upon whether the directional sign is an "advertisement."

This article, inspired by a recent Hotline call, examines the other aspect of directional signs, placement. The caller recently received a non-traffic citation inviting him to plead guilty and pay a fine over $400 for placing a directional sign on state-owned property. In lieu of pleading guilty and paying the fine, the REALTOR® could request a hearing before the local magisterial district justice.

As this REALTOR® learned -- the hard way -- placing a directional sign on state-owned property is illegal. Some of you are probably now thinking, "Did I put a sign on public property?" Undoubtedly some of you did and more of you have placed directional signs on private property without permission. Well, now you know that it may be more than an un-neighborly act; you might actually be fined for placing that sign! Just because you have not been cited and fined in the past does not mean that this law doesn't apply to you today.

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